Montecito Heights

Location: Montecito Heights is a Northeast Los Angeles Neighborhood along the east side of the Pasadena (110) freeway.  South Pasadena is to the Northeast, Highland Park to the West, Lincoln Heights to the Southwest and El Sereno to the southeast

History: When the pueblo that would become Los Angeles was laid out, the far northeast corner fell in a hilly, wooded area just east of the arroyo, which the Tongva people called the "land of sometime water" due to the intermittent nature of water in the arroyo.

The steep hillside terrain prevented attempts to develop the area in the late 1800s when other nearby sections were subdivided.

In the 1910s, Inspired by the residential developments in Mt. Washington, the Mutual Home Building Co. began to make plans for developing Montecito Heights. But the vision never materialized. A few homes were built on hillside sites suitable for development using the construction techniques of the day, but for the next 40 years or so, much of Montecito Heights remained almost rural.  The invention of cantilevered hillside homes in the 1950s led to a growth spurt in Montecito Heights, as previously undevelopable hillside view tracts began to be developed.

Real Estate:  With its woodsy feel, stunning views & close proximity to Highland Park and Downtown LA, the neighborhood is a great place for those who are looking for nature in the city.  But you will find it challenging to find property for sale.  There is currently (March 2018) only 4 single family homes for sale.  The medium sales price is $733,000 up almost 30% from a year ago. 

Vibe: Montecito Heights is a tight community; you will get to know your neighbors here.  As part of the Arroyo Seco area, it has attracted artists, visionaries, and intelligentsia for nearly a century. But nature is its’ main calling card, and you will share your neighborhood with all kinds of wildlife.

Community Involvement: The area is included in the Arroyo Seco Neighborhood Council.  The neighborhood also has an active community group: the Montecito Heights Improvement Association

Community Amenities: Heritage Square’s collection of restored Victorian houses is just off the freeway at 3800 Homer Street. The Lummis Home and gardens with its collection of native plants are at the corner of Avenue 43 and Carlota.  The Ernest E. Debs Regional Park offers over 200 acres of natural land for hiking and exploring.  The Audubon Center, an environmental education center, is located at 4700 North Griffin Avenue.

Commercial areas: You will be heading over to Highland Park for shops, restaurants, and nightlife, but it’s a short trip. There are a couple of small markets along Griffin Ave, but grocery shopping will have to be done outside the neighborhood.   

Schools: All five public schools in Montecito Heights scored within the 700 range on the 2013 Academic Performance Index. Glen Alta Elementary scored the highest, at 752. Bushnell Way Elementary and Huntington Drive Elementary scored 738 and 730, respectively. Nearby Florence Nightingale Middle scored 756, and Abraham Lincoln Senior High, which sits just south of the boundaries, scored 693.

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