Mount Washington

Location: Mount Washington is a Northeast Los Angeles neighborhood in the San Rafael Hills. Situated  along the west side of the Arroyo Secco parkway (the 100 Freeway) , Mt Washington is bounded by Highland Park to the North, Glassell Park to the east, and Cypress Park to the south.  

History: Originally part of the Rancho San Rafael, the neighborhood was founded in 1909 by real estate developer Robert Marsh.  Marsh built the Mt Washington Hotel (today, the world headquarters of the Self Realization Fellowship) at the top of the tract which was served by a funicular railway until 1919 (it’s downhill station still stands at Avenue 43 & Marmion Way).

Real Estate: with stunning views, Mt Washington has attracted home buyers looking for; bucolic SoCal living, proximity to the hipster areas of Northeast LA,  and its high performing elementary school.  As of May 22, 2017 there are only 21 homes for sale, all but one single family.  Inventory remains tight, with a peak in the number of properties for sale over the late summer months (July 2016 saw 39 homes for sale).  The median sale price is $825,000, up 22% from a year ago.  With days on market averaging about 20 recently, it’s a good idea to act fast if you find a house that you like. 

Architecture: The housing stock ranges from tiny cabins in the woods to large ultra modern hillside homes.  The development of Mt. Washington grew slowly from the 1920's into the late 1940's resulting in more modern homes than nearby neighborhoods. There remains a good deal of undeveloped land on Mount Washington that attracts the home buyer looking to build their architectural dream home.  Houses here span a wide variety of architectural styles, from traditional Craftsman homes, to more modern designs by Gregory Ain,  Rudolph Schindler,  & John Lautner.

Vibe: It’s rustic environment attracts free-spirited creative types with kids.  Although the Metro Gold Line runs along the eastern edge of the neighborhood, it’s not the place for you if you like to step out of you house for a short walk to the neighborhood coffee shop.   But if nature is your thing, you will find easy access living in this hilly woodsy neighborhood. It is a tight knit community with the Mount Washington Home Owners Alliance taking on the role of the primary community organization.

Community amenities: The amenities tend toward the natural; with rustic parks like Elyria Canyon Park,   a 35 acre nature area, and hiking trails across the area.  The World Headquarters of the self realization fellowship has lovely grounds that are open to the public Tuesday through Sunday.  Mount Washington is home to the first Museum in Los Angeles; The Southwest Museum of the American Indian open to the public on Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 4 p.,

With no major thoroughfares of its own, it’s not a major hub for commercial activity.  But along Figueroa there are numerous local businesses and a couple of authentic Mexican restaurants like  La AbejaEl Atacor. For your shopping and dining needs, it’s a quick drive or bike ride to the more happening neighborhood of Highland Park.

Schools: Mount Washington’s main attraction to parents of school age children is Mt Washington Elementary which scored 907 out of 1000 in the 2013 Academic Performance Index.

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