Echo Park

Just Northwest of Downtown Los Angeles, Echo Park is a densely populated neighborhood centered around it’s namesake lake.  Roughly bounded by the 110 freeway to the east, the 2 freeway to the west, the 5 freeway to the north and 101 freeway south, Echo Park has easy access to all parts of LA.  Some of the notable areas within Echo park are; Angelino Heights (famous for its Victorian mansions), Elysian Heights, & Historic Filipino town.  

The majority of properties in Echo Park are zoned for multifamily.  This results in significant development opportunities for the neighborhood, but also causes tensions for long time residents, especially those who own single family homes.  As of December 2016, there were 54 properties for sale in Echo Park, 24 of which are single family homes.  The lowest priced being an 861 square foot Victorian offered at $462,000, the top of the market is a 4,000 square Victorian for $2,150,000.  The median sold price for a single family home is $809,000, the average square foot is 1,350. Homes sit a bit longer on market compared to other areas of LA  as there are a lot of fixer-uppers.  You will not find many condos in Echo Park; only 7 have sold in the last 6 months and only one on the market currently. 

The predominate architectural style of homes is Victorian mansions, craftsman bungalows, & Spanish colonial style.  Angelino Heights is the most architecturally significant area of Echo Park.  It was created at the height of the Southern California land boom of the mid-1880s and was Los Angeles 2nd suburb. In 1983 Angelino Heights was declared the city’s first Historic Preservation Overlay Zone. This designation helps protects the architectural integrity and historic character of the area.

As one of Los Angeles’ oldest neighborhoods, Echo Park history is vibrant and extends from the late 19th century to the more recent past.  Home to both the cities early elites as well as rockers of the 1970’s like  Jackson Browne & Glenn Fry. 

Today Echo Park is a neighborhood in transition.  Not fully gentrified like neighboring Silver Lake, Echo Park is diverse and retains a bit of its lower income vibe side by side with hipsters and newer residents populating the small lot developments throughout the area.

There is a lot to do in Echo Park as it offers a number of amenities not found anywhere else in Los Angeles. From the hiking trails of Elysian Park to pedal boats in Echo Park Lake you can spend the day discovering the wonders of nature, history as well as some of LA’s best music venues like the Echo & Echoplex, art galleries like im8bit and the uncategorizable like Machine Project & Echo Park Time Travel Mart  

The commercial district of storefronts along Sunset offers a variety of restaurants, nightclubs, and shops.   Foodies can find neighborhood standards like Pizza Buona or the newest eatery like Winsome among Echo Park’s best restaurants.    The same is true for bars in Echo Park which cover the gamut from the timeless dive bars like the Short Stop to Mohawk Bend with 72 beers on Tap.

The shops of Echo Park reflect the changes in the neighborhood with small mom & pop variety stores interspersed with shops selling high-end fashion, home goods and vinyl which are among the best-rated shops in LA.

There are a number of schools in Echo Park; Solano Avenue Elementary, Gabriella Charter, Clifford Street Elementary, & Commonwealth Avenue Elementary all having API scores above 850.

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